1 is an essay by Carissa Rodriguez and a film by Robert Bresson. 2 is a museums director from Paris and the editor of a social-political art magazine. 3 is “at-risk”. 4 is the reason for your unhappiness. 5 is someone who is something. 6 is an element of a group that creates tongues, not to speak the langue. 7 is teenage-pregnancy. 8 is someone that doesn’t want to be teached, that doesn’t want to learn things it doesn’t know yet, that only wants to learn what it knows already, and everything else it will inevitably appropriate. 9 has been transformed and changed into something different, but stayed the same. 0 is a concept, a concept of soft advice, assistance and self-governance, that is unequaly empty. 11 creates the opportunity as well as the pressure of performing oneself. 12 is shaped by popular culture into a new mode of self-observation and self-monitoring, into the mode of exhibiting one’s biological project. The ‘body’ of 14 is not only a biological specialty. 15 is the dispossesion of oneself. 16 is worker of subjectivity, with glamour’s consumer lifestyles and the ideology of self-realisation. 17 is a perfect employee for deregulated capitalism. This all constructs the idea, that 18 is at the best to handle today’s and future’s
socio-cultural order, to deal with the economical requirements for a adaptable, self-contained and animated being, that follows non-linear functions with hiatuses.
Each of us has encountered those creatures.