public enemy
first the sheep next the shepherd
First The Sheep Next The Shepherd
Chuckās Run Amok Multiplying Like Leopards
Spots Em Up The Long Bombs A Record
A Long Shot / 3 Minutes 15 Seconds
If I Was Cloned Never Would I Be Alone
Just The Two Of Us Mutherfuck The Lexus
Strange Fruit Be Hangin In Texas
Rope Be Holdin The Necks
Poison Politics Affects Us
Get My Flow On A Show Of Flexes
Got Too Much Love Above
For The Battle Of The Sexes
Now I Wonāt Go As Far As Romancin Myself
Or Dancin With Wolves Or Runnin Wit The Bulls
Shit I Be In Two Places At One Time
Split Spaces Wit One Rhyme
Get 3 Nickels Outta One Dime
Frist The Sheep Next The Shepherd
Fill Generation Gaps Wit Mad Raps
Get Slapped
Give Four Smacks The Hell On Back
Be The Father Son And The Holy Ghost
As I Represent Both The East And The West Coasts
Whatever Thatās Worth 360&Mac251;
The Planet Earth Thatās The Whole Black Manās Turf
Now I Be The Rational National
Ever Present International
Spy Wit The Third Eye Against The Conquer And Divide
Now Wit Three Of Me I Can Run A Country
Make Apocalypse Quit Do Madd Shit On The Side
I Go On Wit My Bad Self If I Had Four Of Myself
I Would Sacrifice Two To Get That Slave Outta You
In My Eyes Be The Anger Of The Furious Five
Flashbacks Cut Across Psycho Tracks
Been There Done That And I Swung A Big Bat
Like That There It Is I Be The Startin Six Pack
Frist The Sheep Next The Shepherd
The East To The West South To The North
The Music Might Switch The Rhymes Never Fall Off
Non Alcoholic Avoiding The Bomb
In Abortion Clinics I Be The Hero Up In It
Jack The Cracker Dat Did It
Now The Magnificent 7
Hip Hop Gangsta Rappin
Holdin It Down Makin It Happen
>From Oakland To Manhattan
If I Was Eight / I Be Damn Great
City To City / State To State
Wonāt Never Be Too Much On My Plate
Flow Like Watergate
Wit Nine Of Mine
Iād Get Piece Of Mine
Again And Again
Wit That Power Of Ten Men
Duplicated By The Split
Of One Mean Gene An Shit
Back To The Lab
Wit Them Scientific Crabs, What Next?
3 Minutes And 15 Seconds