Eight day        

4 August 2004, 10:58 am Berlin

hi you both,
how much courgette did you have here?


4 August 2004, 5:24 pm Berlin

hi angelique, hi liesbeth,
how many green beans did you have?
i am curious what you think about the idea of technologies of the self in a society of control. foucault describes the passage from disciplinary society to the society of control. in very short terms, the disciplinary society is a society where certain institutions like family, factory and school or hospital regulate the people, sanctioning deviant behaviour to “normal” behaviour with disciplinary power. in the society of control (in which we live now, foucault thinks at least) we have now in-cooperated power structures, the normalizing apparatus, a kind of autonomous alienation to be socially “integrated”. when i think about technologies of the self in that way i am no longer sure what exactly it is about. is it about the practice done by individuals and the society to regulate and control bodies in relation to one another? and they are more controllable as a result? to make it more clear: aren’t these technologies of the self also de-politicizing?
on the other hand the possibility of “revolution” feels so abstract, so distant today. so operating on capitalism through a relationship to your own body could be a kind of activism. what do you think?


4 August 2004, 12:27 pm Amsterdam

hello Elke
1/2 courgette per portion.

Yesterday we had gazpacho soup for lunch and for dinner you have to take 90 grams baked butter fish with two baked cherry-tomatoes, 1 small potato and green beans baked in butter with 1/4 onion and 1/2 garlic piece (teaspoon).All the rest was the same.
It is very hot in Holland so yesterday we drank 200 ml cola-light extra and 400 ml water.
Good luck and speak to you soon,