Eleventh day        

7 August 2004, 2:34 pm Berlin

hi liesbeth, hi angelique,
yes, today is the last day of our coop. its pretty sad – there is so much to say. i would like to continue — if i didn't need to drink so much wine... but it doesn't make sense without the “bad” part, i guess. monday i will get the results of the blood test. it took sometimes very long get the right food, but mostly it worked out. and the way i ate and what i ate was much better then it was before! only being a vegetarian and eating meat was difficult.
talk to you soon, ahoi,


7 August 2004, 12:43 pm Amsterdam

Hello Elke
nice picture! So this was the last day of your diet?
If not, yesterday we had gazpacho soup for lunch and for dinner you have to take 6 large prawns marinated with indian spices and cream and then grill or put it in the oven, with 150 gram of tomato-zucchini stew and 1 very small piece of Naan, the rest was the same.
Speak to you soon,