Fifth day        

1 August 2004, 7:53 pm Berlin

hello angelique, hello liesbeth,
last night i drunk 4 1/2 glasses of wine. today i had a hangover – not too big, but i am still suffering. i think most people drink too much alcohol anyhow and some lose their brain cells – aren't you scared of losing memory when you get older by drinking that much? with some of my friends i have the feeling it’s happening already. but i agree with you that getting sick is part of the project. i couldn't find the smoked pigeon for dinner. breakfast and dinner is enough food for me. but i get hungry between 3 and 6 in the afternoon and i get over it by thinking about the dinner. now i think about food not only when i buy or eat it, but also in the afternoon when i miss it – but that’s ok. i also have diarrhea since i started the diet.
looking forward to hear from you tomorrow and have a nice night.


1 August 2004, 12:15 pm Amsterdam

Hello Elke
it was very weird because it was a romantic tourist postcard with a camel and a woman in Baghdad, with a request to send him information about us. Further only his name: Jamal N. Hussein. The stamp on it was of course still with Saddam Hussein on it, it was just very mysterious. It is very possible that this was just a nice man who was interested, but we just didn’t know what to think.

Yesterday was the same as the day BEFORE yesterday, but during lunch we had pumpkin soup with chicken instead of gazpacho, and for the crisps we had Lay's crisps (natural) instead of sea salt crisps, for dinner we had (per person) 3 tablespoons of couscous with 8 raisins with 60 grams chicken, 1/4 courgette, 1/2 tomato, 1/2 carrot, 1 salted olive, 1 champignon, 1/6 green paprika with mexican spices.
We are interested to know how you feel with this amount of food per day; do think it is too much or are you still hungry? We think you should really try to drink already 5 glasses of wine, because having to do something, which is not nice and get sick is part of the project, don't you think?
People always have this prejudice about us that we don’t eat anything, but I tell you really honestly exactly the truth about what we eat and drink; we tried to give this also one time to our doctor but he just accused us of lying because anorexic people lie all the time. So he didn't believe us. In the art world, everyone thinks we don't eat much because they only see us at openings drinking wine very slow and carefully measuring all drinks and eating tiny bits of crisps. At openings I need to eat something salty in combination with wine, we can't understand people who can drink that amount of beer or wine without having something to eat. I feel always a little bit embarrassed because nobody does this, so I try to give A. crisps secretly when nobody watches us, but that is difficult because I have to measure each tiny bit of crisp because everything must be exactly equal.
Anyway, good luck today