First day        

26 July 2004, 12:47 pm Berlin

dear angelique and liesbeth raeven,
hope you are doing well. you might not know me, we just have been once and very briefly introduced at künstlerhaus bethanien in berlin by a friend, jasper van den brink. i, however, met you in 2001 at one of your openings in white box gallery in new york.
i am working on a project about spinozas' ethics and his idea that people are affected by other people and things and by that we are all connected in some ways. and because i can say that i am very affected and curious about your work, i would like to ask you for a cooperation.
i don’t know if you are familiar with spinoza, if not, it is not important for the cooperation — but for me at least he has a very strong vision about life and how people are affected by emotions and other bodies. since many other macro-scaled social projects like humanism, communism and revolutionary attempts didn't really get to where they wanted yet, his idea that we are connected in a chain of thoughts and a chain of physics is interesting to me. further, spinozas ethics meets foucault’s ideas of aesthetics of existence – of »diet-et(h)ics«. this all sounds pretty vague, but i am not able to explain it better at this point.
my question for an association would be, would you share your diet for a certain period of time with me?
you would tell me everyday via email what you have eaten and drunk or smoked and i would eat and drink and smoke that food and liquid and tobacco (actually, i am a non smoker, but i would try) the actual day. shall we try this for maybe 10 days?
i am hoping you are interested in these questions too and i am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
all the best,
elke marhöfer


28 July 2004, 12:43 pm, Amsterdam

Hi Elke
we love the idea! We don't smoke either, so you are lucky, but get ready for lotssss of water and salt (which is maybe even worse).
The most important about our diet is that A. and I eat and drink EXACTLY the same and in the same amount, and each day it is more or less the same. Also, we drink a lot of white wine in the evening so I will tell what I have eaten the next day in the morning because after drinking we are too tired (we drink and eat very slowly, in the evening we start at 17.30 and end about 1.20, so there are 8 hours of constantly eating and drinking little amounts). It is important that you eat your food with a little teaspoon, the time for a glass of white wine (150 ml) is about 1 hour and after each glass of white wine drink a glass of water (150 ml).
I think the way we eat is even more crucial than what we eat and drink.

This is what our day was yesterday (amount per person, so what you have to drink and eat):
– 9.00; morning; 200 ml tap water with medicine (you can't take that, it is a medicine for our bones but you can drink the water)
– 9.50; (eat with knife and fork) breakfast 2 pieces of dark brown bread with seeds, one with camembert and the other with a thick slice of comte-cheese, put cucumber (1/8 of the whole cucumber) salad, 1/2 tomato, 1/6 onion, 1 black olive, add pepper and salad spices on top. 400 ml of water (2 big glasses), 600 ml of green tea, 150 ml of fresh apple-cucumber juice. 200 ml nonfat and sugarless yoghurt.
– 11.30; 600 ml of decaffeinated coca-cola light.
– 13.35; lunch; 300 ml of fish soup, 200 ml water with a vitamin pill and 1/2 orange (eat with knife and fork).
– 16.00; 600 ml of decaffeinated coca-cola light.
– 17.30; 150 ml of white wine (dry) and 200 ml of water + 150 ml water (after your wine glass is empty put water in the same glass), 8 grams of sea salt-crisps put extra salt on the crisps (very important).
– 18.30; 150 ml of white wine + 200 ml of water + 150 ml water, again 8 grams of sea salt-crisps put extra salt on it.
– 19.30; 600 ml of water.
– 20.00; dinner; 1 normal portion of seafoodstew eaten with teaspoon (ingredients are red wine, seafood, paprika, union, garlic tomatoes, black salted olives) with one little piece of brown bread, 150 ml of white wine, 200 ml of water + 150 ml of water.
– 21.45; 150 ml of white wine, 200 ml water + 150 ml of water + 8 grams of crisps (put extra salt on it).
– 22.45: 150 ml of white wine, 200 ml water + 150 ml of water + 10 green grapes + 100 grams of cheese (variety of gruyere, gouda and camembert).
– 00.30; 150 ml of decaffeinated espresso with 2 chocolate toffees.
– 01.15; 300 ml of decaffeinated coca-cola light.
Let me know if you have questions and good luck!

  28 July 2004, 2:29 pm Berlin
dear angelique and liesbeth,
super! great! its really cool. thanks so much for doing this so carefully. i was already running to a grocery to get the necessary things. i will try to be as careful as possible and i will start tomorrow. i am late now, i have to see a friend, but i am back soon and waiting for more.




28 July 2004, 5:34 pm Amsterdam

Hi Elke
I forgot to mention that we also take 1 calcium pill during lunch and 2 calcium pills during dinner (no water with it, you have to chew). After lunch and dinner also 1 sugarfree chewing gum (fruit-flavor).