Fourteens day        

10 August 2004, 12:55 pm Amsterdam

Hi Elke
the reason for starting it was that I (L.) had little medical problems all the time; from migraine, acne, jointpain etc, etc. None of which A. had. My doctor thought it was weird that A. didn't have this and suggested that my eating pattern was maybe wrong and he suggested I look more at my sister and follow her patterns and immediately after I did that, my problems went away! A. just feels very well what her body needs apparently, and then the pattern goes further as a habit I guess. But it also has to do with things you grow up with in your youth, we were treated the same, got the same food, had the same taste, learn to like the same, so we also don't know otherwise. The time we ate differently was in the period we were in different schools and education so it is kind of logical.