Ninth day        

5 August 2004, 12:40 pm Amsterdam

Hello Elke
we had about 100 grams beans a portion.

Yesterday we had during lunch pumpkin-chicken soup and for dinner you have to take 40 grams of tagiatelli pasta with 30 gram rucola arugula, 6 mushrooms, 1/2 onion, 8 pine nuts, mix with 1 melted goat cheese-cube (amount of two sugar cubes) and 50 grams of pastrami. Everything else is the same.
About Foucault, I am not so familiar with what he says, but there seems to be a lot of comparisons in what Deleuze says about wild zone, in which individuals live who are not controllable, who live out of the society, but the society needs this zone in order to control individuals in its society. You can also put that to an example nowadays: marketing strategies of society investigate these wild zoneindividuals in order to know what is going to be hot or wanted in the future which is not yet known in society. That gives these wild zoneindividuals a certain power which stimulates the individuals in society to keep these individuals small so they don't get too much power. It is also the reason to give all “other” opinions than those of society a label “abnormal”or “sick”, to control individuals to stay in society and not enter the wild zone, so it goes together with fear – fear from everything that is different or strange.
Tomorrow I probably have no time to mail you, because we have to go out very early and come home very late. I will try however late in the evening.