Third day        

30 July 2004, 7:46 pm Berlin

hi angelique, hi liesbeth,
i forgot to tell you: my weight is 50 kilo and my height is 164 cm. i enjoyed the day yesterday and today – there were only two things i didn't do: i only drank half the amount of wine – because i was drunk after two glasses and second: i had espresso with caffeine. but i hope i will do better tonight. a really good thing is the water, i am already “addicted” to it. i feel thirsty when i don’t drink – plus it was hot here today, too.
spinoza says that the mind has the special ability to refer to something, it has its own organization on the level of the understanding. it is not only controlled by the outside, it holds an inner order, which enables it to invent from itself a new notion, a term, a concept. spinoza writes: if, for example you aren't able to forget that somebody has a certain anger against you, you can at least imagine that this person is not here right now and then you are able to do something else and you can forget this certain reason of angst. this is supposed to be an example of the freedom of the mind – to sneak out from the chain of causes. i guess he took this example, because he was hated by many people during his lifetime. a question about this example would be where exactly the parallelism of body and mind takes place? is my body afraid or my mind? (is my body afraid of my mind? or the other way around?) the intellect has the ability to project certain things nearer or farer, it has the ability to have fantasies and this is according to “freedom” or “liberty”. the mind is aware of the affections of the body and that it is the mental, the intellect.
i would like to know more about your ideas on aesthetic terrorism.
looking forward to hearing from you both tomorrow!


30 July 2004, 1:17 pm, Amsterdam

Hi Elke
Third day
yesterday was the same as the day before, but during breakfast we had fresh orange juice (150 ml) instead of cucumber juice and during dinner we had an indonesian meal: 200 gram gado-gadu with tofu and green beans and white rice (3 tablespoons when it is cooked); the rest was the same (drinks and crisps etc.).