Twelfth day        

8 August 2004, 2:18 pm Berlin

hi angelique, hi liesbeth,
what you say about the wild zone is very interesting.
you said that society uses the potentials of the ones that live on the outside of society – to define what will be hot next. my question would be if we at the same time, could say that there isn’t any real outside of society anymore, how did deleuze solve this problem of inside/outside – what or who is able to be outside – how would you describe it? giorgio agamben (an italian philosopher) argues something similar in his book homo sacer, he says that western sovereignty produces bare life – life that is held in a space of indistiction. but this “outside” is produced in the way that law, health or military interventions just don't look at it – “forget about it”, forexample people in africa who die of hunger and war, immigrants who die on their way to europe, refugees in camps, et cetera, that means democracies operate biopolitically – like totalitarianism – by “forgetting” to produce uncontolled spaces and people that have or are “pure life” – bare life – thats how he and ealier walter benjamin called it. what do you think of this?
looking forward to hearing from you soon, xox