Without qualities  



Performance, Kunstverein Hannover, 2006



Being invited to do “whatever-you-want” at the Kunstverein Hannover. I passed the invite to some friends (artists and non-artist).

Our questions were: How can we use the disruptive power of spectacle against authorities? What practices we have to develop to ruin false social peace? How could life look like when the position of bodies in shared space wouldn’t be divided in private and public? How to attack the distribution of identities and create a common perspective? And how can we start to think about the world without speaking about qualities?

With this question we developed a performance without qualities. No especialness could be attached on us. Nothing was performed beside the insistence of sheer physical presence in the institutional space. Neither friendly nor unfriendly we answered the question of the visitors („Why are you doing this?“). We stayed until the last persons (staff and visitors) had left and left ourselves.


In cooperation with

Franziska Buddrus,

Armin Ceric,

Ebrahim Hardan,

Rosemary Heather,

Olaf Hochherz,

Florian Kempf,

Achim Riethmann,

Sergio Roger,

Christina Tivemark